With all that is going on in the church and having opinions on many of these issues, I thought it was time to share said opinions with the world at large. Hmm – now I just have to work out how to increase my audience so that all may share my wisdom. But I’m sure there is a Christian out there ready to help me with self-promotion.

My experience has been in various historic Protestant churches which I think has given me a unique perspective. I will be covering issues such as “Five signs that You May Not Be Called to the Ministry”, “The Labourer Is Worthy of His Hire – A Different Perspective” and “Loving the Brethren – How Do We Get this to Work in Today’s Church.”

If people actually do read my blog, and wish to comment, that is great. Being a strong believer in freedom of speech, I will not remove such comments if they are in keeping with my rules:

1. Civility reigns: no ad hominem attacks. The Golden Rule applies.

2. No crudity.

3. No blasphemy or sacrilegious references to any or all members of the Trinity.

Iron sharpening iron is great but the Sixth Commandment (or the Fifth if you are Lutheran) requires us to treat others with courtesy even in the midst of disagreement – see Westminster Larger Catechism Questions 135 and 136 regarding proper speech.


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